Machete-Wielding African Gang Murder Man in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs Overnight

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A 40-year-old man has been killed following a machete attack overnight in Braybrook, located in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Police have reported that at approximately 9:30PM on Saturday night, a carload of four to six men of African appearance used their vehicle to hit two other men, before preceding to then repeatedly stab them with machetes. The perpetrators then reportedly fled the scene in what was described as a silver or grey hatchback. One of the victims was killed, and the other still remains in hospital with serious injuries. Anyone with any information relating to the incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The incident follows Monday night’s riots in Kensington, in which African gangs assaulted police and bystanders, hurling rocks and bottles until the early hours of the morning, following an appearance from right wing media personality Milo Yiannopoulos. As Melbourne faces an unprecedented crime wave, residents are now feeling increasingly unsafe in their own homes, with car jacking’s and break and enters becoming a widespread problem throughout many suburbs. The long-term ramifications of third world mass migration to the developed world are now more apparent than ever, as Melbourne continues to descend into a crime ridden dystopia. How many more innocent people must be killed before the government finally acts?

  • Peter Thompson

    Australian citizens let down by both the Federal and State governments who have allowed these savages to settle in a civilised country, yet none of these savages live anywhere close to a politician so they don’t care.

    • Terence Franks

      Exactly the same in Europe/US too !

  • David Moore

    Blind Freddy predicted this some time ago, but he too was unfortunately sliced and diced before he could tell the government.

  • David Moore

    Blind Freddy predicted this some time ago, but he too was unfortunately sliced and diced before he could tell the government.

  • y. Iamu

    Danial Andrews and Labor’s policy of turning a blind eye to their activities and claiming it is not a problem is causing deaths. These people are used to living where there is little law and order. Where they can do as they want. They need to be shown in no uncertain terms that is not acceptable in our society.
    While the rest of society follow the law the government gives these lawless gangs open slather to ransack, bash, rob and act as they want. The Andrews government believes people from an overseas country that come to live in Australia are somehow better than Australians and are to be given stronger rights and protection from the law.
    I guess a politician needs a voting block. Danial Andrews way is to let’s pretend this never happened, everyone will forget about. Hopefully by the time it comes to vote he can then attempt to get the electorate to focus on something else.

  • frank

    this was happening 8 years ago at the miss sudan beauty pageant. The govt looked the other way then too

  • norainbownation

    Are you guys starting to see the problems we have in South Africa?

    • Wes Denton

      Yes and we don’t want it over here, or the people that instigate it!

    • Karen Dwyer

      Having extended family (by Marriage) in South Africa, I have been well aware, of the plight of South Africa. And of the studied disinterest of Western politicians. They’d rather be a silent witness of genocide than appear “racist”.

      The modus operandi of the gangs of men in this article reminded me Immediately of South Africa.

  • John Lowrey

    Gun control? Unarmed and defenseless thanks to government

    • bobfairlane

      “Gun control” really means Goy Control.

  • bobfairlane

    The (((government))) IS ACTING….to bring in more Nick Gertz to attack White people.

  • Carl Dunmore

    the fall of Rome Redux