Front and Center Episode 3: Snowflakes, Overinclusiveness, and Talking to Idiots

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On this week’s episode of Front and Center, we talk about: Snowflakes on both sides, Overinclusiveness and the idiots defending it, And talking to idiots to prove you are smart. Keep it central!

Videos Discussed

On the Media: SPLC                           

Maajid Interview Real Time              

Ben Carson on Sean Hannity            

Donald Vs United Klans of America 

Black and Brown LGBTQ Flag           

Why the New LGBTQ Flag is Good  

LGBT isn’t about race                          

Chris Pratt Sign Language                  

GAP Commercial Racist                      

Karen Straughan Q&A                         

Ronda Rousey Pay Gap                       

Lady GaGa Talks Double Standard   

Camille Paglia Talking About Pronouns

Ben Shapiro Trans Debate                  

Tucker Carlson Interviews College Student

Jesse Watters Millennials                   

Bill O´Reilly with Lupe Fiasco           

Neil Cavuto College Student              

Jon Stewart Crossfire