OP-ED: Leftists Destroyed Feminism and Made Life worse for Women

Feminism, Free Speech, Men's Rights, Regressive Left

As a self-proclaimed centrist, I’ve never taken the position that feminism is inherently bad but refuse to call the loud blue-haired schizophrenics screaming about male privilege and rape-culture feminists. Feminists in their pure form wanted the right to vote and the option to develop themselves professionally, while modern feminazis seek to destroy the male individual.

Leftism has clearly taken hold of feminism and destroyed the very objective that it seeks to accomplish which is to improve the situation of women. Here are some of the ways that leftism has made women’s life worse:

So-called sexual liberation: As individuals, everyone has the right to engage in the consensual sexual activity in whichever way they see fit. Leftist feminisms have distorted this and set the premise that women who don’t display male-like sexual promiscuity are repressed, antiquated prudes.

The issue is that, by and large, women are not as sexually promiscuous as men, and this misguided attempt at sexual liberation is actually leaving women feeling used and unhappy as seen by the Aziz Ansari story.

The mentality of constant victimization: The term “mansplaining” tells you everything you need to know about this point, but let’s explore it anyway. The ideas behind the leftist feminist movement are that every single instance of injustice or inequality is based on discrimination on behalf of men.

I remember a conversation I had with my mother, the breadwinner of my family since the very beginning, where she described a very unpleasant meeting with a male co-worker, where he talked down to her and acted like she had no idea what she was talking about. She described this as a co-worker being an a**hole but never made any mention of the fact that he was a man. Why? Because in her mind it’s irrelevant. She does not see herself as less capable than men and has no need for a stupid term like mansplaining.

The issue is that now women are being told that any instance of a less-than-perfect interaction with a male counterpart of superior in any context is an example of bigotry and male-toxicity, effectively creating the mindset that they are not in control of their own future.

Macro-feelings for micro-aggressions:
“Where are you from?” This is a question get asked frequently in Australia, and that I enjoy quite a bit because it gives me a chance to start up a conversation with a variety of people. This question to a feminist leftist, however, would be a xenophobic micro-aggression, since the question is asked because of my American accent and my clear Latino heritage.

The same can be said for leftist feminists’ approach to everyday interactions with men, with something as simple as the comment “you look nice today” being a misogynistic micro-aggression aimed at objectifying her, or an instance as unimportant as a male colleague interrupting a woman, a micro-aggression aimed at belittling her role as a professional and establishing the man’s superiority.

Women under leftist feminism are being told that outrage regarding pedestrian incidents such as these are justified and appropriate responses. This is greatly reducing women’s ability to advance in a professional setting with proper emotional health.

Rape Culture:
Let me make one thing clear, rape culture in the western culture is non-existent. Rape is the only crime that is morally comparable to murder, and the idea that men in the US, Australia, France, Germany, or otherwise, are raping women on a daily basis believe they are doing nothing wrong is fallacious.

That being said, leftist feminists are saying that rape and sexual harassment are everyday occurrences in the west, and because the facts simply don’t back up their claim they have greatly broadened the definition of rape. To a leftist feminist an invitation for a drink with a male co-worker and a boss forcefully fondling the breast of his inferior are both equally atrocious, and both fall under the umbrella of sexual harassment.

The issue is that, of course, only one of these examples is sexual harassment, however, many leftist feminists are leading girls to believe that a dangerously broad array of innocent actions on behalf of men are sexual harassment. This is a dangerous precedent for mental health and the future of society.

To conclude I’d like to say that I understand that life for women isn’t perfect, and there are subject that two parties of good will can have regarding the improvement of women’s situations. The issue with the Leftist’s new version of feminism is they have managed to cartoonify these subjects and made such outrageous claims and standards. The best thing that we can do now is to ditch the tainted concept of feminism and move towards something that seeks to constantly improve the lives of everyone, never getting caught up with anything that is skin-deep.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast