Video: Australian Pride March in Melbourne, Sunday 25th June 2017 – Speeches

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The Unshackled covered the Australian Pride March that was hosted by the True Blue Crew in Melbourne on Sunday 25th June 2017. We filmed both before, during and after the march from the patriot side.

The mainstream media reported that this march saw both sides clash. This is fake news, as you will see from the footage things were very peaceful from the patriot side. The television footage you saw were all of the socialists clashing with the police trying to attack the patriots.

This is video of the speeches that were given on the steps of Victoria’s Parliament unedited for people to learn what the purpose of the march really was and make up their own minds.

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Written Report:
The Real Story of the Australian Pride March 2017 in Melbourne

  • harry hippy

    You need to sort your sound system out. I caught about one word in ten. Also an overview of what the march, protest, reason for being there would help too. Just imagine you are new to the who, why and what your organisation is about and let people know. Muddled, fuddled and a waste of my time. I may even support you if I had a clue of what you stood for.