Pre Stalwart Bastion 2017 – Interview With Charles Knox

Damien Ferri From The Unshackled – Live Interview With Charles Knox Pre Stalwart Bastion (4/3/17)

This interview was recorded straight before the Stalwart Bastion 2017 event. It was recorded live at Knox HQ in Leichardt (Sydney), Australia (4/3/17). Charles Knox was one of the organisers of the Stalwart Bastion event, that has been running since 2015. The event aims to protect the St Mary’s Cathedral from any vandalism, and also make a stand against the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. He is a devout Christian and family man that holds strong conservative values. This interview covered a whole range of issues: from the Stalwart Bastion event itself, to the indoctrination programs in our schools, the downfall of society in the last 50 years, and politics on a national and global scale.


Damien Ferri

Damien Ferri is a keen hardworking conservative that believes values and principles should once again reign in our great nation. At 29 years of age he has had 15 years of experience within politics and has worked for other conservative parties such as Family First and Katter’s Australia Party. He has also ran as an Independent Candidate. He studies the political landscape constantly, knows the demographics, the electorates, and the people. As a conservative he is very focused on social issues and believes that the family is the bedrock of society. He also holds freedom of speech, fiscal responsibility, and strong borders high on the agenda. He has worked in the areas of retail, administration, has spent close to a decade in the transport industry, and is now working in a local family business. He has interests in politics, theology, history, geography, social studies, music, and antiques. Damien believes that our youth hold the key to our future and has been passionate in giving younger people a voice so they can follow their dreams. He has recently become a father and has always lived by the motto “don’t do what you wouldn’t want your future children to do” as he has always emphasised that the best way to make decisions in life is by setting an example for how you would wish your children to grow. He is very grateful to take on the role of National Deputy Leader of The Young Conservatives and is looking forward to working with many bright young individuals. Damien believes that The United Conservative Party has the vision and the principles to make an impact on the national stage. As the country continues to spiral to the left under the Greens, Labor, & Turnbull Liberal policies, the UCP will come and provide the balance and conservative ideals the country needs, and the policies that will benefit the Australian people.