Trump’s Approval Rating Now Higher than Obama’s Was

Donald Trump

If you were to judge the sentiment of the United States’ citizens regarding Donald Trump by the coverage of most media outlets you would probably believe perspectives were overwhelmingly negative. This, however, is far from true as it seems Donald Trump has surpassed his predecessor’s approval rating at the same point of his administration.

In June of 2010, Barrack Obama had only a 41% approval rating, whereas Donald Trump currently has a 49% approval rating based on the latest polls. Many believe this is due to the booming economy of the US combined with perceived advances in foreign policy, yet it seems the media continues to promote the narrative that the American people are fed up with their president and thus should remove him from office.

It is easy to forget that Obama was, in fact, not very popular during his first term in office. The perceived disdain of the public regarding Obama’s early performance legislatively, economically, and in health care resulted in an election that was too close to call on election day, where Obama beat Mitt Romney 65,446,032 to 60,589,084, surpassing Hillary Clinton’s popular vote advantage, one of the least popular candidates in history, by less than two million votes.

The reason it is hard to remember a time of a non-popular Obama may be due to overwhelmingly positive coverage on behalf of the press despite multiple scandals, fewer laws passed than any other president in history, the rise of IS, and the slowest economic recession recovery in modern history. By comparison, Donald Trump who has basically demolished the Islamic State has a booming economy, and passed historic Tax legislation, is treated as a boogeyman.

To be clear, this is not a blanket endorsement of Donald Trump’s actions in office. It’s not clear if the tax cut’s resulting increase in deficit spending combined with his repeal of Wall St. regulations, and a trade war with allies will lead to a bad turn in the economy, however for the time being it seems that Donald Trump has outperformed Obama thus far, and his approval rating mirrors the fact.

Emilio Garcia
Deputy Editor, The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast