Why Trump/Russia Investigation Arrests are No Big Deal (At least not yet)

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Yes, Paul Manafort has been arrested. The main stream is on this story like white on rice, and stops only to talk about how brave Kevin Spacey is for being gay (oh, and also he fondled some 14 year old, but whatever). The liberal media, and lefties all around are thrilled about the arrest, claiming it is the first step in bringing down Donald Trump’s house of cards, much the same way Kevin Spacey brought down the show House of Cards.

But, what does this mean for the Trump government? For now, nothing really. To say that this is not an exciting news story would be a lie, but for the time being it seems like Paul Manafort is nothing more than a corrupt man who got fired by Trump, and is now facing criminal charges UNRELATED to Trump/Russia collusion.

Is Trump in the clear? Absolutely not. While Manafort’s arrest does not mean anything significant quite yet, George Papadopoulos has plead guilty to charges of lying about his involvement with Russian operatives, which could prove detrimental to Trump and his team.

Another thing to take into consideration is that often in investigations such as this one, investigators will go after the “small players” to try to get them to turn on the “big players”. In other words, charge the less significant people related to the investigation first and try to get them to turn on the main target in exchange for leniency or immunity.

For now, however, it does not seem like Trump/Russia collusion is anywhere close to being proven, and all those news alerts on your phone will probably be nothing more than white noise for the next couple of days.


Emilio Garcia

Contributor to The Unshackled

Host of the Front and Center Podcast