Donald Trump: “Flynn Turned on Me.” How bad is this for Donald Trump?

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Donald Trump has claimed in the past that the special council investigation into his contacts with Russians, which now includes an investigation regarding obstruction of justice and violations of the Emoluments Clause of the constitution (which forbids government officials from accepting money from foreign government without congressional approval) is nothing but smoke and mirrors, and that he had nothing to hide.


Now, however, it seems like Donald Trump is shook by the news that former advisor to the president, Michael Flynn, has plead guilty to lying to the FBI during their investigation. Why is this significant? Because Flynn’s deal seems too good to be true.


Michael Flynn, who’s legal team cut communications with the Trump legal team early last week, cut a deal for a minor offense of lying under oath in a major FBI investigation. The reason this is significant is because Flynn was supposedly being charged with far more serious crimes, including taking money from foreign governments without reporting it to the government of the United States, and coordinating a kidnapping with the Turkish government in return for hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Yet, he has been charged with a relatively minor offense, and sources say that Donald Trump has expressed that he believes Flynn has betrayed him, by saying that Flynn “Turned on [him]”. In this moment, it is wise not to jump to conclusions or do too much speculation, but at the moment it seems like this is not a small occurrence, and Donald Trump certainly seems to not be taking the issue too lightly.

Emilio Garcia
Contributor to The Unshackled
Host of the Front and Center Podcast