Fast – Catchup with Mark Latham

While at LibertyFest we caught up with many fellow alt-media personalities including Mark Latham of Mark Latham’s Outsiders. He was at the conference to promote his new book Outsiders published by Wilkinson Publishing. We chatted about why he decided after leaving politics he decided to reenter public life, does he feel he could have done more while an MP, why he has now left the Labor Party and how you can still play a role in politics as a media commentator.

Links to Mark’s Work
Outsider – Wilkinson Publishing
Mark Latham’s Outsiders
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Tim Wilms

Tim Wilms is Editor-in-Chief of The Unshackled and host of The Unshackled Waves podcast. He is based in Melbourne, Victoria where he also does field reports.

  • Showman Bogus

    Latham is an idiot.